Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

Kip - physical model idea

above is a quick diagram of the physical model I was thinking about doing based on our discussion on biomechanical structures.  The parts would be hollowed out 3d prints connected with hinge joints and then a spring joint using shocks from remote control racing cars.  The top diagram shows how the connection would work.  The bottom render isn't complete with all of the hinge joints but close enough to what the final output would look like.  The thickness of the 3d prints would vary from 1/2" to 1- 3/4"...  Thoughts...?


  1. Kip,
    About your physical model proposal: I would highly recommend to avoid using mechanical parts in your model. A: as we talked it does not comply with the entire sensibility of your project. B: It created more problems for model building than making it easier. C: It conflicts with the curvilinear gestures of your design. I would suggest the following: make a really large model using 123D Software by Autodesk. It can subdivide your complex geometry into slices that you can lasercut and glue together. There will be a bit if stepping visible, but maybe this even helps your project.

    The software is available for free....