Freitag, 9. November 2012


Old iteration (in red... don't know why it rendered in red) vs newest. I was cleaning out my maya file because it kept crashing with fatal error everytime I inserted edge loop for simple stairs and came across this forgotten iteration (a layer turned off among many others). There is a level of control and interesting pattern I like about the red one where my newest one lacks (though the newest one has more depth). Should I look into this more in depth (no pun intended) or delete the red iteration forever and move on?
Also advice on fatal errors (how to avoid, how to resolve) is more than welcomed!

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  1. Mike,
    You rendered in Maxwell, right?
    It turns red in the rendering when the shader, the material is damaged (missing bumpmaps etc) you probably tried to use a multilayered material that uses maps (concrete etc). There is two options;
    Open the material with a double click in the Hypersahde window of Maya. You will see that there is various menu points on top of the material on the right side. Make sure that all the maps are in fact loaded. If you do not use a multilayered material: delete the material, reload it Fei. Your library and apply anew to your project.

    About crashing Maya geometry: What did I tell you guys from day one??: Model, wether you have to make everything from scratch clean or you use the cleanup tool in the mesh pulldown menu....hope this helps, best MdC